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Valo Cordless dental curing light by Oyodental

VALO Cordless is the new LED curing light by oyodental. It’s the cordless version of the well-known VALO.  I received a demo unit from Ultradent Hellas whom I would like to thank for their trust in my critique.

The shape of the Valo reminds me of an electric toothbrush and the small head of the device reminds me of the brush of the electric toothbrush.

The logic behind the device is simple and is easily understood. The VALO has access wherever a toothbrush has access… in other words everywhere!
The inside of the device is constructed of aluminum with a sapphire-hard coating and Teflon seal. This construction not only helps in the dissipation of heat but also reinforces the durability of the device as far as falling on the floor or scratching is concerned. Its anti-stick surface with Teflon helps prevent dental materials from bonding permanently to the device.

a problem with the power during the day an  obvious advantage in comparison to other cordless lights in the market. Detachable batteries are an advantage for all cordless devices since it’s the part of the device that wears out most over time. With the VALO, replacing the batteries is very easy, just like changing batteries in a flashlight.

The VALO has only 2 buttons. One button is to start/stop the device and the other is to choose the program.

Source:Oyo dental


Publicerat klockan 09:08, den 3 januari 2016
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