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The latest dental apex locator featuring simplicity and accuracy

One of the quickest ways to build a dental practice is through painless endodontic procedures. While we do not believe that anything is 100 percent certain (with the exception of death and taxes), we can state that endodontics can be performed painlessly 95 percent of the time. One of the keys to painless endodontics is accurate length control. If a clinician instruments outside the confines of the root canal space, this introduces many scenarios - all of which are bad. To further help the clinician determine a final accurate working length measurement, Real World Endo has developed - in conjunction with Brasseler/NSK - a new Precision Apex Locator (PAL) (below).

The concept behind the creation of this particular dental apex locator for sale was simplicity. “Let’s create an apex locator that is easy to use, reliable, and does one thing and one thing well; tells us where the root canal ends!” The PAL is all about ease and accuracy.

The Precision Apex Locator is compact, stable, and easy to use. More importantly, it has been developed with technology sophisticated enough that there is only one button to push on the unit. The PAL is so sophisticated, it’s simple.

Establishing a working length anywhere within this zone will work well as a final working length. The clinician may establish a working length anywhere from 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm back from the cemento-dentinal junction and it will work fine clinically because the PAL has been specifically designed to be used with rotary files. Frequently, as the result of file design and clinical techniques, rotary files go a little further down the canal than the doctor intends. However, by establishing a working length anywhere within the Zone of Precision, the doctor performs an instrumentation technique that is confined to the root canal space.

Similar to most apex locators, the PAL has an audio component. The alarm sound can be set at one of three volume levels - high, medium, or low. A simple push of the alarm key on the back of the unit will adjust the volume to the desired level. Following the adjustment of the alarm key on the back of the unit, the alarm mark on the LCD screen changes accordingly.

This unit uses four AAA batteries and can operate continually for approximately 50 hours. Also, as an energy-saving function, the unit automatically shuts down after 10 minutes when not in use.  (endodontic motor )

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